Moscow, Russia

One of the largest cities in the world is the capital city of Russia, Moscow. Moscow is located on the Moscow River and is home to over ten million residents. As the capital city of the Russian Federation, many executive and legislative bodies reside here. These include the home of the President of Russia and the Kremlin. As expected there is also a large number of foreign embassies based here.

Moscow is also a city that has a large number of educational facilities. These include over fifteen hundred high schools and ninety junior colleges. There are also over two hundred institutions offering a secondary education, and of this number sixty are state run universities. The most prominent of these universities is the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The transportation needs of this city is serviced by airlines, rails, monorails, buses, trams and taxi’s. Moscow is home to five airports, eight rail stations, the Moscow Monorail Line and the subway system named Moscow Metro. There is also a road and highway system that accommodates the almost three million cars that take to the streets everyday.

Moscow is a city that is home to a large number of hotels, historical attractions and tourist attractions. One of the most popular of these is the Moscow Kremlin. This is the seat of power for the Russian Parliament, as well as being the official home of the President of Russia and is situated on the Moskva River. The complex contains four palaces and four cathedrals and is enclosed by Kremlin Wall.

Another notable site to visit is Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square. This is a Russian Orthodox church that was erected in 1561 on the order of Ivan IV. Interestingly, its located in the center of Moscow, and the exponential growth of the city has radiated out from this point. This cathedral is probably one of the most world recognized symbol of Russia. As of 1928, Saint Basil’s Cathedral has been a part of the State Historical Museum of Russia.

Another grande cathedral, but one which isn’t as distinctive as Saint Basil’s Cathedrals is the Cathedral Of Christ The Savior. This Byzantine styled cathedral was built in 1839, but it was destroyed in 1931. In 1994, reconstruction on the church began and the cathedral has since been finished. This cathedrals has a museum contained within it.

One of the most beautiful structures in Moscow is not a single cathedral but a convent with a complex of churches. Its named Novodevichy Convent and was built in the sixteenth century. The oldest of the structures of this site is the Our Lady of Smolensk cathedral. Another popular monument in Moscow is the Mausoleum. This monument is actually a tomb that houses the body of Lenin. This building was erected in 1930 and is identifiable by its red granite walls and the black shades that gives this building the appearance of mourning. Above the door is inscribed the name of Lenin.

Any lover of art cannot afford to miss the chance to visit Tretyakov Gallery. This is the foremost collection of Russian art in the world. Represented here are the works of many famous Russian painters including Ivan Nikitin, Victor Vasnetsov and Alexandra Exter. This building was built in 1902 and sits on the southern side of the Kremlin.

Moscow is also home to many historic theaters. One of the most famous of these is the Bolshoi Theatre. This beautiful theater was built in 1824 as a place for ballet and concert performances. Many historical performances have been held here and today it is the current home for the Bolshoi Ballet, as well as the Bolshoi Opera. A great, though somber, place to visit is the Museum Panorama. This museum was built in commemoration of one of the single bloodiest battles in Russian history, the Battle of Borodino. In front of the museum is the “Heroes of the War of 1812 “. At the top of this monument is a statue of Kutuzov. The key feature of this museum is the panorama entitled “ Battle of Borodino”. There is also an extensive collection of historic military uniforms, banners and arms.

Poklonnaja Mountain is a monument dedicated to the Russian soldiers who died during the “Great Patriotic War” known also as World War II. It covers an area of three hundred and thirty three acres and features a park where thousands of tree were plant specifically for the monument. It also features an obelisk which rises over four hundred feet and has a bronze stature of Niki, the goddess of victory. Also on the grounds is a large museum and art gallery. Throughout the year there are ongoing exhibits of arms and military technology.

Moscow is also home to many fine hotels. Some of the most prominent ones include Cosmos Hotel, Golden Ring Hotel, Metropol, Sretenskaya and the Izmailovo Alfa Hotel. Most of the hotels include room service but if your looking for someplace different to grab a bite, then Moscow has you covered with some great restaurants located throughout the city. And the diversity of the cuisine is as diverse as the city itself. There is a great mix of Russian, Serbian, Asian and European cuisines available to the world traveler. The most prominent of them include Okhotny Ryad, Mayakovskaya, Prospekt Vernadskogo and Chistiye Prudy. And there are, like most places in the world, North American fast food restaurants and even American style restaurants located throughout the entire city.